hi i'm conor hastings and this is my personal internet landing page. i hope you like it, if you don't, that's ok too! fun fact, i like flowers

    just trying to figure out what's real
    i want to be
    a sad florist
    it is in the domain
    they don't allow question marks
    but just so you know it's inspirational 
    not factual
    do you ever try to see if your florist is sad
    you know like even if not externally
    i don't
    i bet u don't either
github | twitter

(imagine the twitter link has a bird icon and the github link has the github picture thingy, i don't feel like finding the images and putting them in, imagination is a key skill in life and you should learn it now if you have not. you're welcome.)

some things i've worked on that i like, you might too!

i write blog posts or speak some times too, this is a list of them

sometimes i write poetry too, it's a lot different than the javascript so i don't know what the venn diagram will be like here